About Furuhata Nao’s Election Campaign 2016

“At this year’s senbatsu election, I want to enter senbatsu !”

In 2015, the election started with these words. Even though she could not reach this goal, she ranked 24th.

This year, even if the general election has not been announced yet, she has already clearly stated her goal.

In order to get her over this obstacle, we need everyone’s participation, to pile up votes one by one.

The goal is senbatsu. this year again the “Furuhata Nao’s Election Campaign” will gather everyone’s efforts and organize some actions.

Communities on Google+ and Mixi as well as a LINE group have been created to

>hold discussions aimed at the sousenkyo, and on which we base our support.

Don’t be afraid to join and participate, as the atmosphere is by no means formal.

There are many different things to do, everyone can find something, so we’re waiting for your participation !




  • 5th Generation
  • Birthdate :September 15, 1996
  • Blood type :O
  • Birthplace :Aichi prefecture, Japan
  • Height :160cm
  • Catchphrase :私と素敵な笑顔の交換をしませんか?(Watashi to suteki na egao no koukan wo shimasen ka?) Will you exchange a beautiful smile with me ?
  • Hobby :Singing
  • Special skill :Playing saxophone
  • Future goals :Multi-idol、actress
  • Favorite food :Vegetables
  • Favorite word :辛い時こそ伸びる時(Tsurai toki koso nobiru toki) Hard times are times of growth
  • Short message :これからも頑張っていくので少しずつでも成長していく私を見ててくださると嬉しいです。 (Kore kara mo ganbatte iku no de sukoshi zutsu demo seichou shite iku watashi wo mitete kudasaru to ureshii desu.) As I will keep doing my best, it will make me happy if you can watch me grow up, even just a little
  • Voting Process

    Work in progress...














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